Low Lustre

Thursday, June 5

Show: 10 PM $15

Featuring: Matthew Lein, Joe Singer, Ned Drummer, and Jimmy Acoustica (formerly of Beaker Blobs)



Friday, June 6

Show: 10 PM $10

Featuring: Juliette on vocals and acoustic guitar, Mark Jedi on drums, and One-Eye Sam on cowbell


Plastic Brain

Saturday, June 7

Show: 10 PM $15

Featuring: Luxe Landfill, Robin Cheat, Polly Phill, Nick O’Liss and Miss Chiff (formerly of The Cloves)


Dusty Shoes

Sunday, June 8

Show: 2 PM $10

Featuring: Jen Mason and Liza Spandex on vocals, with Shifty Jones on ukelele, Paco Robanne on drums


Just Announced

Kiss Ya Later 7/07
The Pantonians 7/21
Ali’s Baba 8/10
The Bordered Nuns 8/14

Jive at Five

Happy Hour Drink Specials 5–8 pm

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