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Now possible with Rovie.

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With Rovie, traveling internationaly with your phone or tablet has never been easier. We have connected the world's service providers to offer fully unlimited international data to everyone. No hassling with your carrier, no changing sim cards, no useless burner phones, and absolutely no outragous international data costs. Your phone, your number, and unlimited data, all starting at $4.99 per day. Simply download the Rovie app on your mobile phone or tablet, and turn on Rovie's international data network. When you're back home, simply turn off the network. And that's it, you're done. Don't bother with expensive carrier international fees or cheap pay-as-you-go devices. Keep your device, keep your number, and enjoy international unlimited data all with Rovie. Download the Rovie app and start traveling smarter.

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Don't Sacrifice Your Phone When You Travel

Keep your phone, your number, and your sim card, and we’ll connect you to the world’s cellular networks.

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A No-Hassle Experience

No more hassling with phone carriers, changing sim cards, or insanely high data fees. Get international unlimited data from Rovie at a low cost, and customized to your travel schedule.

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Make Your Own Plan

Customize your contract, or choose no contract at all: Pay by the day, by the month, by the year, or for a more specific period of time. Cancel whenever you want with absolutely no fees.

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International Flat Rate

Regardless of where you’re going the price for international unlimited data is the same, as long as it’s on earth.

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